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Is there anything more beautiful than this hand painted stoneware planter? Each tea time planter will come with 1 live succulent (see details for varieties). Limited quantities available. 



Size: 3.25" x 3.25" x 3"

Material: Ceramic

Additional Information: final product will contain 1 live succulent (will be one of these succulent varieties: Gasteria Flow, Senecio haworthii Mont Blanc, Graptoveria Debbie, Kalanchoe tomentosa, Crassula Horntree, Echeveria Blue Bird, Echeveria Pelusida, Echeveria Purple Pearl of Neurenberg, Echeveria Purpureum, Echeveria Scheideckeri). Variety in photos is Echevaria Pelusida.


**Shipping: Please note that if you choose to have this item shipped, it will be a DIY planter that you will need to put together. I will ship the item with all items individually wrapped (planter, succulent, stones and soil) for you to put together when it arrives.

Tea Time Planter with Live Succulent

Only 3 left in stock
  • All sales are final.  Local pick-up only (Holly Ride, NC).

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