Do you have an event, birthday, anniversary or special occasion you need flowers for? Instead of picking up a scentless, chemically treated bouquet at the local grocery store, that's likely traveled thousands of miles, let us treat your loved one to one of our organically grown, field-to-table arrangements. Each bouquet is designed with blooms that highlight the season and are harvested from our field no more than 48hrs before gracing your table. 

I prefer to design custom arrangements using the Language of Flowers. Floriography - the secret communication through the use of flowers - has been around since the nineteenth century, where lovers would communicate their sentiments through the use of carefully selected flowers. For instance, Bells of Ireland convey good luck or gratitude; Sunflowers convey adoration, loyalty, or best wishes; Zinnias (depending on the color) convey messages from I miss you to goodness; Cosmos covey joy in love and life.


Let me create a one of a kind arrangement steeped in meaning and beautiful, field fresh flowers. When filling out the online order form, include any sentiments (long life, joy, happiness, love, etc) you'd like your arrangement to contain and I will design a custom arrangement that includes a list of flowers and their meanings with the arrangement. View our offerings below and select the perfect arrangement for your loved one under the "Price Range" dropdown on our Online Order Form. 


Screen Shot 2020-08-03 at 4.14.49 PM.png
Summer 2020 Arrangement
The Buttercup
Summer 2020 Arrangement in the West Palm
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