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DIY Bulk Botanical Florals

What is the Bulk Botanicals option:

If you have a wedding between April - October and you'd like to create your own bespoke wedding florals using sustainably grown local flowers, then Bulk Botanicals are for you. Growing beautiful seasonal flowers is at the heart of what we do here at Ivy and Oak, and if you're the kind of bride or groom that wants to use locally grown flowers to create your own stunning bouquet and other wedding florals, then we'd love to talk to you. 

By choosing the Bulk Botanical option, you should be the kind of bride or groom that is ok without knowing the exact flower varieties and colors we will have available until the week before your wedding. Remember, we're a flower farm and not a traditional florist; all of our flowers are grown at the farm and botanical offerings are subject to seasonal availability. It’s important to also note that with the bulk botanical option, you’ll be responsible for selecting the varieties and quantity of flowers you need. Floral recipes or design advice is not provided. Simply put, we'll grow, harvest and process the flowers and you will pick them up and arrange them (scroll down and check out "Should you design your own wedding flowers?" header to see if this is the right option for you). 

Our Bulk Botanicals are sold in 10 stem bunches and typically have a price range of $14.00 -$45.00 per bunch, with a $300 minimum. 

Since I grow everything for you, I can only accommodate a limited number of Bulk Botanical orders per weekend. Plan ahead and reserve your date soon by e-mailing us. 


How the Bulk Botanical process works:

1) Once you've decided the DIY route is for you and your wedding, you'll submit your $150 deposit and simple executed contract that reserves your spot for your date and allows me to ensure we've invested in a wide variety of florals and greenery. There is a $300 minimum for bulk orders. Once your $150 deposit is received, your spot and date is reserved for our Bulk Botanicals.

2) Seven days before your wedding, you will be emailed an order form with the specific types of flowers available (including their colors, floriography & links to photos) and the price per bunch. We follow this time frame, so we know exactly what will be blooming at the farm. We will send you a tip sheet that will explain how to prepare and care for your flowers for your wedding.

3) Once you've chosen the botanicals and quantities suited for your vision of your special day, return the order form to us by noon five days before your event.

4) I'll harvest your flowers and have them ready for you to pick up at the farm two days before your wedding at an arranged time (remember to bring your own buckets or method to transport the flowers back with you; we will provide water containing flower food). Your $150 deposit will be applied to the final cost of your order, and the remaining balance will be paid when you pick up the flowers. Final payments are made via cash only (cards will be accepted with a 3% fee added on, however, checks will not be accepted).


Should you design your own wedding flowers?:

The below questions should give you a good sense of whether the DIY Bulk Botanical option is for you. 

1) Do I feel comfortable working with fresh flowers? 

2) Do I, or someone I know and trust, have 8+ hours the day before the wedding to design/arrange the flowers for my wedding? 

3) Do I, or someone I trust, have time to travel to Holly Ridge, NC to pick up my flowers two days before the wedding?

4) Do I have a good place to store the flowers (cool, dark location) once I've picked them up and before my wedding?

5) Do I have a large space that I, or someone I trust, can use to arrange the flowers for my wedding?

6) Do I know where I'm going to secure vases, vessels, ribbons, and other floral supplies for my wedding florals (we can order vases/vessels for you via our A La Carte offerings. All orders need to be submitted and paid for at least three months before your wedding. Once I confirm your A La Carte order, it cannot be altered, modified or cancelled.)?  

7) Do I have someone I trust who can set up my centerpieces and flower decorations the morning of the wedding when I need to be getting dressed and ready?

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