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A Little About Ivy and Oak Farm

...creating love notes from the garden & functional floral art



When you purchase our flowers, you're helping support a local business and community member. Did you know that 80% of the cut flowers sold in the USA are imported from other countries? This means that typical grocery store flowers have traveled thousands of miles to reach your table, often cut a week or more before you even buy them, and are typically drenched in chemicals to help them survive the journey and pass strict Customs inspections. If you've ever wondered why a lot of those flowers have a chemical smell to them, now you know. 


Our flowers go from our fields to your tables with zero pesticides or chemical treatments. Our flower fields also support a diverse ecological system, benefiting our local pollinators, birds, and wildlife (Peter Cottontail is even known to make an appearance).


-Floral & Foliage sales to photographers, florists and local businesses

-Floral Preservation
-Wedding Florals & DIY Bulk Botanical Buckets


Stay up-to-date on daily farm happenings and connect with us via Instagram, Pinterest & Facebook.



Hey, I'm Lauren, owner of Ivy and Oak. Ivy and Oak was born in 2018 after I rented a rear tine tiller and dove head first into growing more flowers than I killed. I read Vanessa Diffenbaugh's book The Language of Flowers, and designing based on floriography really resonated with me, and every bouquet or custom order that's left the farm, always includes a hand written note with the language of flowers. I've always adhered to organic growing practices, but I became Certified Naturally Grown in 2021.  


The farm is a little over a half an acre now, and as the farm grew, so did my love for working with dried florals. In 2021, I started working with resin and silica dried florals to create functional art for wedding clients and just because moments. I started with wine stoppers and candle holders and now offer wood and resin trays, wall pieces and anything else I can dream up. Thanks for following my journey..... 


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