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Can be used as a tea light candle, to hold a sage smudge stick, or as a ring dish. Perfect for smaller florals (spray roses, ranunculus, strawflower, etc) and greenery. 


Product Details:

  • Dimensions: tea light candle holder is approx. 1.5” x 3”
  • NOTE: All resin will amber over time. The resin we use is one of the highest qualities on the market and has a UV/yellowing inhibitor added to it, but please keep out of the sunlight.
  • Each candle holder will come with 3 assorted tea light candles (soy candle), locally made by Missy from Minnesota.

Faceted Preserved Floral Tea Light Candle Holder

  • Care: We use a high-quality resin that is FDA Food Compliant, UV, water and impact resistant, non-toxic and VOC free. To ensure the quality of your product, please keep away from direct sunlight and avoid dropping or placing objects hotter than 300* on or near them. 

    • Please Note: Even though we use a high quality resin with UV/yellowing inhibitors, resin yellowing is an inevitable effect from the natural aging process. To help minimize this ambering process, please do not place any of our resin pieces in direct sunlight. We are not responsible for the natural effects of aging in your product.
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