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Services We Offer

At Ivy and Oak Farm, we grow speciality cut flowers and foliage. We offer flower subscriptions  that highlight the colors of the season, custom floral arrangements and bouquets, to Wedding Services and wholesale orders. Let Ivy and Oak create love notes from our garden to your loved ones. 

-where to find our flowers -

From April - October, we'll have fresh flowers at Sundial Coffee and Tea and The Twisted Sisters Bake Shop. You'll be able to grab a wrapped bouquet, a vase arrangement or snag some super unique vases. You'll also be able to find us at The Poplar Grove Farmers Market and The Wilmington Farmers Market at Tidal Creek.

*Sundial Coffee and Tea: Flowers drop Monday and Friday

*The Twisted Sisters Bake Shop: Flowers drop Tuesday and Thursday

*The Poplar Grove Farmers Market: Wednesdays from 8am-1pm starting April 14th

*The Wilmington Farmers Market at Tidal Creek: Saturdays from 8am-1pm starting mid-April

- caring for your flowers -


 Trim Your Stems: Trim about a 1/2" of your flower stems before you put them in their vase and every 3-4 days after receiving. This trim helps remove any dead tissue that may block the stem from delivering water to the flower. If your arrangement contains Daffodils, keep those separate from your other flowers for 24hrs to allow the stem ends to seal, preventing the toxins the stem emits from poisoning your other flowers.  


         Refresh & Replenish Your Water: Flowers can be heavy drinkers. Check your water levels               daily and every 3-4 days replace the water in the vase. By dumping out your old water and             providing new water to the flowers, you're helping eliminate the potential for bacterial                   build- up. Want to be extra? Clean your vase with soapy water each time you replace the               water. 


Keep Your Flowers Away From Fresh Fruit & Veggies: Some flowers are sensitive to ethylene, the odorless invisible gas that fresh fruits and veggies (like bananas and apples) emit. 

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